If you are a heavy duty computer user, you surely know by now that you need to take measures and protect your personal data from online snoopers.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to access online services is one way to stay anonymous, and PrivadoVPN is one of the available options.

Before you get to enjoy the functions of this application, you need to take the time and create an account by specifying your email address. A username and password are assigned to you, and you need to make sure these credentials are stored in a safe place as you cannot login without them.

The main window of PrivadoVPN is intuitive and neatly organized, as it displays your current IP and suggests which location is the most convenient for you to switch to.

Alternatively, you can browse the list of supported locations and connect to one of these servers if you are not pleased with the initial recommendation. Once the connection is established, you can start browsing the web knowing that your private information cannot be stolen or even viewed.

A very useful feature is the Kill Switch - basically, it can suspend Internet access to all applications and browsers if you lose connection to PrivadoVPN's servers. This way, even if you come across an unstable server, your anonymity is still assured.

This function can be easily enabled or disabled with a single mouse click, so no expert skills are required.

All in all, PrivadoVPN provides you with all the features you might expect from any VPN software, so that no online services can track your geographical location or other personal info. The built-in Kill Switch is a bonus, along with the auto-connect function that can automatically connect you with the previous server or the recommended country.