By now most of us got used to the fact that in creating retro video games one must employ the help of many applications dealing with sprites. Yet another sprite-related application is Procedural Sprite Generator, a program that allows users to easily and quickly create top-down sprites for use with whatever project they have. Just adjust a couple of sliders, click some buttons and you're done. Start integrating your creations into your project and take full advantage of this easy-to-use software.

The most interesting aspect regarding this application is the fact that you can create unique content quite easily. No need to waste time on actually designing the sprites yourself. No pen, no paper, no time wasted. There are enough sliders to create as many unique characteristics for your sprites as you want. The base of each design is called a seed and it lends the basic characteristics of your future sprite. The sliders than adjust various other aspects like symmetry for example or roundness/edginess of your creation.

Another interesting aspect of this application is the way in which you get to color your creations. Most of them rely on a two-tone design. By adjusting yet another slider on the bottom-left of the screen you deal with the outline and the color mix proportions of your sprite creations. Everything feels deeply automatic with this program. You don't have many custom choices to input yourself. As a matter of fact, you can set the size and the outline color using numbers. That is about it. The rest is only handled through buttons and sliders.

Thus, if you like the almost mass-production sort of idea behind this application, don't waste any more time and begin creating your sprite elements. Another great idea is to put effort into creating the main sprites by hand and then have your NPC sprites created with this fast and simple-to-use application. The latter won't look as good as your own original creations, but that's how things should work out in the end.