Videos captured with GoPro, DSLRs or high end camcorders that use wide angle lenses look spectacular most of the times.

The dynamic of the shot is eye catching but so are the distortions that at times don’t do anyone any good. If this happens, you can simply switch the lens, zoom in a bit and the problem is generally solved but when you can’t recreate the shot you need to find a way to correct the problem in post-production.

proDAD ProDrenalin is a powerful yet simple to use video processing tool that can help you correct and even remove unneeded fisheye and perspective distortion. Moreover, it offers you the means to stabilize the image, correct rolling shutter and remove video noise.

It displays a straightforward interface which doesn't require you to run through the manual in order to figure out how it works. If you’re at least familiar with the principles of videography and the technical basics of how a camera works, you’ll be just fine with proDAD ProDrenalin.

Clips can be loaded with a simple drag and drop action and once inserted into the application, they are ready to be processed. proDAD ProDrenalin offers you a considerable amount of camera profiles for GoPro, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Contour, Olympus and Rolley Bullet devices that you can apply to your clips.

proDAD ProDrenalin enables you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance of the loaded videos but also offers you a collection of video FX presets that you can use. Furthermore, you get to adjust zoom, tilt, pan and roll.

As far as exporting goes, proDAD ProDrenalin allows you to choose from three quality profiles, low, medium and high along with the level of denoise and destination location.

In closing, when it comes to applying distortion correction to video recordings, proDAD ProDrenalin is a tool to be seriously considered.