If you have your own business, you probably understand how sometimes you can spend a lot of money by promoting your products through various manners.

However, some things can be handled without resorting to third-parties. For example, creating a catalog where you showcase all of your products in a detailed manner. In this case, Prodalist Professional can help.

When you first start the app, you will be prompted to choose a language and also advised to select English if it's all the same to you, since the loading time is faster.

Although the app fashions a rather plain interface, operating its controls might feel sluggish at times, and resizing the window to a smaller size might render some of the elements invisible.

If you have previous experience with similar programs, you can jump straight into action by creating a new project. However, if you want to familiarize yourself with the app's controls, you can clone a demo project and test its abilities without any consequences.

The demo project works as a self-resetting sandbox, where any modification that you bring to the sample file gets erased before you access it again.

Prodalist Professional can help you create complex catalogs for your products and export them to PDF format once you're done. It is possible to use custom or preset backgrounds for the pages and covers as well. Catalogs can have Tables of Contents, for faster navigation, appendix and categories.

If you want your catalog to be even more accessible, you can create a mobile app version of it, and the best part is that no additional coding is necessary. You just have to fill out a bunch of fields and configure a few parameters in the corresponding section.

All in all, if you want to save money by creating catalogs from your own products, you might consider giving Prodalist Professional a shot. It can be easily installed, comes with a simplistic interface and lets you generate mobile app versions of your projects without significant efforts.