Product Key Changer is an approachable application designed to retrieve and display the serial numbers of Windows and Microsoft Office as well as to change them to anything else.

It features intuitive options that can be tackled even by those less experienced with such apps. The tool particularly comes in handy in case you have lost or misplaced these important product keys, which are necessary when attempting to reinstall the OS or Microsoft Office applications.

The interface has a modern and neatly structured look, which comprises two buttons for recovering the Windows and Microsoft Office, provided that it's installed on your machine. This task is instantly performed, after which you can select and copy the product key to the Clipboard.

The product ID is shown too, which can be similarly selected and copied. All you have to do is replace the existing serial number with another one and click a button to commit modifications. There are no other noteworthy settings available here.

The entire utility's wrapped in a single .exe file that can be saved anywhere on the disk or copied to a removable storage unit, in order to seamlessly launch Product Key Changer on any computer with as little effort as possible.

Just keep in mind that you must have .NET Framework, otherwise it won't run. It doesn't alter the system registry configuration or create files on the disk without your approval. In order to get rid of it, you simply have to delete the .exe.

The program worked smoothly in our tests, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or indicate errors. It left a small footprint on the computer's performance, running on low CPU and RAM.

Although it hasn't received updates for a long time, we haven't come across compatibility issues with newer Windows versions. Thanks to its clear-cut interface and options, Product Key Changer can be easily handled.