Working in the education field requires you to occasionally test your students' performance via exams, tests or various other assignments.

However, instead of creating exams traditionally, by using pen and paper, you can turn to third-party software solutions, such as ProfExam Suite, which can help you yield quicker, more efficient results.

Please be aware that this program cannot function on your computer properly unless you provide it with a .NET Framework installation.

You can install this application on your computer without difficulty since you are only required to adjust the target directory, toggle shortcut creation on or off and following the on-screen instructions.

No additional configuration is needed, thus making it possible for a broad range of PC users to deploy this utility on their systems without requiring specialized help.

ProfExam Suite integrates two utilities that can help you simplify your work: ProfExam Creator and ProfExam Player, both of which are equally easy to access.

The former enables you to create exams for your students in an intuitive manner, as it provides you with straightforward controls. After generating an exam file on your computer, you can edit its title, number, file version, date, passing score, time limit and sections. Adding questions can be accomplished by clicking the “+ Question” button and adjusting certain parameters, such as question, case study, answers and section.

The latter can be used by your students to access the content you have created. You can add exam files by either using the plus-shaped button or dragging and dropping the documents over the main window. After selecting the desired content you can start the exam by clicking the dedicated button, which triggers the timer and enables you to solve the questions.

After you finish the exam, an overview is displayed on the screen, where you can see whether you have passed or not, as well as other useful statistics, such as score comparison and the number of questions.

As a conclusion, ProfExam Suite is a reliable application that can help you create exam content for your students conveniently and take them just as easily. It features two components for each of its functions, comes with a smooth user interface and packs several straightforward controls.