Navigating through your files and folders doesn’t really seem like that much of a task, and neither does sorting out multimedia galleries. However, it can become a time-consuming process, and it’s best to perform this operation with the help of specialized applications like ProFiler MP3i.

Unlike the name might suggest, the application isn’t just dedicated to audio files, but videos, and pictures alike. It’s designed as a common explorer window to make it easy to accommodate with the variety of databases, batch tools, view options, and extra tools you get to work with.

The context menu is specially designed to hold only functions of interest, with some depending on the file type. This way you get a simplified version of the default one, with options to open, move, delete, and even convert through a built-in tool. Conversion works with audio, video, and picture files, with a decent variety of supported formats.

Viewing can be done to quickly filter either according to type, or writing down the file mask. Common icon size options are also at your disposal, or arrangement according to details, or list. There’s a built-in preview area which works for all types of supported multimedia files, including a set of playback controls.

Apart from simple navigation, and viewing, the application lets you organize your collections in databases. You can create more of different types, and compact them to take less space, and use on the go.

Using batch tools means you need to select at least two files. With the selection active, there’s the possibility to search, and replace, convert, export a list of items, or change the name with a numeration function.

Last but not least, the application comes with a set of extra tools to help you organize, and stay entertained at the same time. A built-in radio can be used to browse for a station, with a recorder feature to capture songs, or shows. Moreover, the desktop background picture can be changed from here, or a screenshot taken of a specific region, or the entire screen.

Bottom line is that it quickly becomes a pain to view, let alone organize your multimedia collection if it was just sitting there, all over your computer. Starting from the configurable viewer, ProFiler MP3i comes with a powerful set of file management tools to quickly find music, videos, and pictures, edit, and keep them organized.