There are a few factors that influence the sound you hear from your computer. The audio card you are using or quality of output device, and your operating system does not provide much adjustment tools by default. Luckily, applications like ProfoundSound CSharp give you the possibility to carefully tweak and enhance anything that reaches your ears.

Running the application brings up a panel with a modern design, split into three sections. A common frequency spectrum is displayed along with major features, followed by a 10 band equalizer to carefully adjust sound, and a few effects sliders for an enhanced experience.

A few mouse clicks here and there makes the sound loud and clear. Once you get the desired pitch you are free to close the application, because settings are not changed to default so you only need to run it again to change profiles.

The application comes equipped with a decent amount of profiles with sliders adjusted to emit sound as the given name suggests.

You can choose and are not limited to some of the most commonly used presets, as well as two types of vocal, bass and treble. Additionally, activity related configurations can be set for listening to music, watching a movie, playing a game or enhancing voice.

Moreover, to widen possibilities, you can ignore every profile you are given and manually adjust sliders to give sound a personal touch. These can be saved to create your own library and easily loaded with a few mouse clicks.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ProfoundSound CSharp is a practical application to keep on your hard disk drive to make sound reach your ears loud and clear. It's easy to use and you don't even need to keep it running to keep configurations active. Available features make sure you get the desired result in no time.