Nearly any application installed on your computer emits sound. By default, your operating system only gives you access to volume options. Luckily, there are various utilities like ProfoundSound Lite that give you the possibility to enhance the audio experience with various effects or make use of an equalizer.

When the application launches, a compact set of controls are displayed. Changes apply in real time so you tell the difference instantly. Unless the provided power button is pressed, changes are kept even when the application is closed.

However, it would have been a little more comfortable to have it minimized to the system tray and use hotkeys to switch between preset effects.

There are two main features you can make use of. A five way equalizer gives you the possibility to modify frequencies between 50 and 1280 Hz, while surround, dBass and loudness can be adjusted from the effects section.

Additionally, you can pick one of the few available presets, making the sound perfectly blend in with music, movies or games. The same can be said about the equalizer, with several examples at your disposal.

You are free to change any of the provided sliders if you don't find available presets to your liking. However, there is no integrated function that allows you to save any custom configurations for later use.

All in all, ProfoundSound Lite comes equipped with a few options that allow you to enhance the quality of sound emitted by applications on your computer. The user interface is good looking and cleverly easy to use, but only a few presets are available and customization is limited to a single configuration. Overall it gets the job done well, making everything loud and clear.