Project Framework is a professional application designed to create unique IT Project Documents automatically - in MS Word and MS Excel - to be handed directly

to Customers.

Specifically, Project Framework enables a User or a Team to:

· Define Client anagraphics, associate Projects to Clients and Users to Projects

· Gather basic requirements (software, database, hardware, network, business)

· Describe Software applications and cost, Hardware needs and cost, Project

· activities

· Design Software Requirements, Data Entities and Data Model

· Define Software Integrations and Interfaces

· Specify Test Groups, single test, UAT

· Depict Commercial Proposals for Software and Professional Services, together with

· Legal T&C

· Create automatically 25 Project Documents in MS Word and even more in MS Excel,

· based on what introduced by the User

· Assign tasks within a Team

· Create Best Practices for fast reuse on other assignments