Project Kaiser is a detailed program that allows project managers to efficiently carry out tasks surveillance and evaluation. The tool allows users to define team members and their roles.

The software is useful for anyone involved in managing projects with numerous tasks or members. Project Kaiser is a comprehensive management suite and, as such, it is geared towards large projects. Casual users with multiple small activities might also obtain minor benefits from employing it.

Since the resource is web-based, navigation through its numerous tabs is quite quick and smooth. Although the tool is far from simple, newcomers will find it easy to use, as the default preferences will work well with most projects.

When running the software for the first time, users will be required to create a new server. The database architecture that the software employs is really one of the nice features of this utility. More-so, little technical knowledge is required, as the tool automatically loads default settings.

Once installed, users have total freedom over the type of projects they want to create. Small to medium teams can be managed very well with this program, as it allows one to track most of the activities involved. The resource is especially handy when dealing with complex tasks that require sustained monitoring.

For example, one can monitor tasks carried out by each individual, complete with duration. Each activity can be broken down by members involved, their roles, as well as their corresponding managers. Issues can quickly be solved by using the built-in Gantt charts.

Summing up, Project Kaiser is a comprehensive project management suite that is adequate for a wide range of activities.