PromptPal aims to bring a modern Command Prompt to the table by placing options in a toolbar and menu bar, in addition to some refined features, such as code completion and command configuration.

This is not only a command-line app dedicated to first-time users, but also to those looking for a more approachable DOS prompt. Worth noting is that it doesn't replace the default Command Prompt once installed. It can be integrated with the Windows Explorer context menu, though.

The first noticeable aspect about this application is that, while writing commands, PromptPal offers assistance by opening an autocomplete window (similar to IntelliSense in Visual Studio) and displays the full command-line argument on the top part of the screen as a reminder.

Alternatively, you can open the full command list from the menu bar to explore, delete unused commands, edit their parameters, or create new ones by specifying a name, path (optional), switches, notes and auto-discovery mode (rebuilds information using the help switch you indicate). All commands are recorded to history and you can strike the last one added.

A trait typically found in graphical interfaces is represented by the multi-tabbed support that gives you the possibility to easily attend two parallel actions. Plus, you can open new tabs with administrative privileges or set their properties when it comes to the starting directory and shell, along with admin or non-admin credentials.

Furthermore, you can use a basic search function, insert a directory or file into the current command, disable autocomplete and command history, save the all text in the window as a plain text document or batch file, configure hotkeys for the menu functions, hide the toolbar, menu bar and status bar, or make the frame stay on top of other windows.

The software application worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering the OS to hang, crash or display error messages. It had a good response time and minimal impact on computer performance.

To sum it up, PromptPal provides you with some great features for inputting command lines in a more intuitive environment. However, the price of the overall package seems too much.