Prospector is an eBay endorsed software, that enables you to navigate the website, search for products, view details and enter available bids. You can enjoy all the functions offered by eBay from your desktop application, without needing to open your browser

Prospector associates itself with your personal eBay account, transferring your settings and preferences to a more secure environment, which is your desktop. The program however does not remember passwords or important private details that could harm your transactions.

The software can access and offer you all the functions you can enjoy on eBay, except you do not need to open your browser.

Aside from the powerful searching engine, Prospector also enables you to monitor bids and even participate in them, if you wish. You can browse eBay content by category and view which are the available bids. The software remembers the auctions you are participating in and displays them in a separate tab, where you can monitor them easily and closely.

Additionally, you can view the closed bids, that you have participated in, in an archive tab. You may import an existing Prospector database file and load your preferences, watch list and available bids from it. The supported files are Search Trees, XML and CSV. Exporting a project to these formats can also be done with a few clicks.

You may easily change the general searching configuration, to include only certain categories of higher interest for you, insert a price filter, or list those products and sellers that offer free shipping. Unwanted sellers can be added to the blocked list, so they do not feature in the search results or reach you.

Moreover, you can view the listed items’ details in a separate page, just like on eBay. You may view seller information, price, discounts, shipping options, as well as make direct purchases. Aside from eBay, you can also start searches on Amazon or

Prospector is a reliable application that enables you to navigate and enjoy all the eBay functions in a secure and convenient environment: your own computer. While an Internet connection is required, the software does not access or remember important personal details.