It's a well-known fact that the public IP address of your computer can be used to identify your current geographical location and your identity. Using a proxy server to reroute the Internet traffic can help you get around these privacy-related issues. Although you can find free proxy servers online, there are also desktop applications, such as Proxy bear, that display lists of proxy servers from around the world.

Proxy bear does not require installation, and it is very easy to use, although those less experienced in networking might need to take the time to learn about the differences between HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers. In essence, SOCKS servers work with any protocol type, while HTTP servers can only route HTTP requests.

Leaving these networking terms aside, Proxy bear performs web crawling to get lists of proxy servers, including transparent and anonymous ones. The application is versatile enough to build up lists of proxies from all around the world. Evidently, choosing a proxy server that is closer to your real location is ideal, as the connection speed is usually higher.

To view the list of proxies, you must switch views from the main window. Proxy bear reveals the server's IP address, the port number, along with the proxy type, its level, and the country it is located in. To narrow down the search results, you can set various filters in the Options window, based on the proxy type, level, and location. The list can be easily exported as a text file and saved locally.

Proxy bear also comes with a proxy testing tool both for the proxy's validity and its anonymity. Running the test connects your computer to a website via a user agent (browser) to test the connection speed. The proxy format is as follows: [IP address]:[port]:[country code], identical to the one in an exported proxy list.

Proxy bear comes in handy if you want to search for free proxy servers to reroute your Internet traffic and conceal your real IP address. Furthermore, it features built-in proxy testing tools, allowing you to check whether a proxy lives up to your standards of privacy.

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