Every computer with an internet connection has an IP address. It is used by websites to figure out where a data request comes from, and most importantly where to send it. However, due to privacy controversies, most users look for ways of hiding their virtual identities whilst online. This is easily done by using a proxy server, with applications like Proxy Magnet giving you a helping hand in identifying just the right one.

Find proxy servers around the world After a successful setup process, you are free to launch the application and put it to good use, with no other configurations required. The main window is cleverly organized and enlists an abundance of addresses, along with details regarding speed, reliability, type, location and class.

Find proxy servers around the world

Results are based on a solid community that constantly searches for new proxy servers, tests them out and releases them for public use. The number of provided results is staggering, but there are various criteria by which you can sort out the list, or even apply a handful of filters to narrow down results.

You can either rely on the application to gather a list of proxy servers, or manually provide a list to process. This can be obtained from a TXT file or from a specialized website. What's more, each entry can be verified so that no connection errors occur while usage.

Unfortunately, there's no possibility to create custom lists, nor export a number of entries to file. However, there's the option to copy trusted servers to clipboard and have them processed in an external application.

If you happen to stumble upon an available proxy server, the application can automatically trick the system into redirecting network data through the selected item in order to protect your virtual identity. Moreover, you can check out the server in question with an integrated tool that brings up a specialized analysis website displaying all there is to know about your request.

To sum it up, there's no solution to keep your computer's integrity and identity safe with an active Internet connection, but applications like Proxy Magnet make sure you reduce the risk of threats to a minimum. With an intuitive design and abundance of results, the application can be used to anonymously browse the web, or secure a confidential network.