Designed as a feature-rich proxy tool, Proxyhound comes bundled with advanced options for helping users scan numerous IP addresses at the same time via WinPcap or raw socket. It's based on the proxy address acquisition mode used in syn scanning, and it's capable of validating the scan results using HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5.

You don't have to install the application because it's wrapped in a portable package. Thanks to this, you can keep Proxyhound stored in your collection of portable software and fire it up whenever you need to crawl network proxy addresses. Make sure to launch it with administrator rights or it won't start its services.

The main app window has a well-organized layout, where the HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy collections along with statistics can be explored from a column on the left.

Before making any actions, you have to head over to the options panel to set an IP range and ports to scan, which can be performed either in WinPcap or raw socket mode.

As far as other settings are concerned, you can pick a different network interface to monitor, decide which protocols you want to include in the monitor, and change the default timeout for HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS4/SOCKS5.

By default, syn scanning is blocked but you can enable sleep blocking or preemption CPU time fragment blocking, depending on the performance level of your router. The validation URL can also be changed when it comes to HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS, along with the server port and authentication details for HTTP and socket.

Once returned to the main window, you can start the HTTP, socket and remote services to view statistics with the amount of sent, received and failed sockets, some of which may require certification. The proxies can be saved in common, thin, mini or SQL format, or to an CSV file.

Additional tools are available for learning the countries associated with any IP address, testing proxies (website, timeout, amount), and running proxy anonymity tests.

All aspects considered, Proxyhound turns out to be a practical proxy application with plenty of advanced tools to satisfy the preferences of most users. It worked without fault during our tests.

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