Browsing the web anonymously requires a dedicated application capable of changing your external IP and ProxyShell Hide IP promises to do that with minimum effort.

The program can handle the whole task all by itself, so it's basically enough to launch it and let it do its magic.

Once ProxyShell Hide IP loads, it automatically connects to a proxy server and thus changes your IP, but users are always allowed to pick a new proxy IP address and configure several other parameters.

ProxyShell Hide IP lets you pick between proxy servers from the United States and the United Kingdom, with two dedicated options displayed right in the main window to use different IPs for each site or different IPs for each request.

A full-featured log panel is also available, showing each request along with timestamps and detailed information.

ProxyShell Hide IP can work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, but in order for the last two to work properly, you need to configure the browser to use the standard system proxy settings.

Supposed to run all the time, ProxyShell Hide IP is very friendly with hardware resources and we didn't experience a significant slowdown in performance during our testing.

Which leads us to a rather positive conclusion: ProxyShell Hide IP is a very effective piece of software that doesn't waste your time with unnecessary configuration options. It groups all essential tools in just one plain and simple window and performs most of the tasks automatically.