psyBOX is a space-atmospheric generator - designed to produce tonalities which can ideally be used in the creation of ambient, space and soundscape music. Since psyBOX can generate non repetitive patterns once initiated it can be thought of as being free running or “pilotless."

Once the "start" button is pressed a boundless world of drifting sonic waves will be woven into amazing and somewhat unpredictable sound textures. From the depths of outer space and strange alien worlds through the loftiness of heaven and the bowels of the Earth, psyBOX will take you on a musical journey that spans the spectrum of creativity.

Using samples as a source, psyBOX splits them into multiple micro wave grains and recombines them into clusters. These random grain clusters morph seamlessly from one to another forming infinite and ever evolving mutations.

Since there are two sample layers available it is possible to add even greater variation in the creation of unique and magical sonic events.

psyBOX will offer its users amazing panoramic possibilities in their music creation projects.