Pub Grub is a smart application for people who work in a bar and want to improve their services by diversifying their menu, or for people that are into cooking and love the bar meals and beverages and want to recreate the same environment at home.

As this application resembles a digital cookbook, a large part of the UI will be space used for recipes preview. The other part is the list where all dishes are easily searchable and accessible.

The recipes are simple text windows that can be opened by double-click. An advantage is that there are no limits to how many recipes can be opened at the same time, but the downside to this feature is that you can't drag the windows to any part of the monitor except the preview screen.

The measurement calculator is a helpful feature that can help you get the ingredients and quantities right. It covers both imperial and metric system and process information such as calories, degrees, kilojoules, ounces, liters tablespoons, quarts, and others.

The "Blood Alcohol" calculator lets you estimate if the concentration of alcohol in your blood is going to affect your body or your driving abilities. It only needs your body weight, the number of drinks and the gender, in order to give a more accurate estimate. Keep in mind that it measures the number of drinks, not the exact concentration of alcohol, so don't take it as a definite result, just make an idea about your state.

In conclusion, Pub Grub is a straightforward app that can assist a pub employee in his job or a mean to bring the pub feeling to your home, as it has a large library of pub food and beer. It can be operated by any user as it doesn't require any technical skills.