If you are working as a publisher, you probably know how important it is to give a distinguished look to your projects, as well as finishing them before the deadline.

While you can rely on traditional writing and drawing tools, it is possible to choose a more convenient way of creating and customizing your content by turning to third-party software, such as PUBLISH-iT.

Despite the impressive amount of functions it offers, this application comes with a simple, outdated layout that consists of unpolished buttons and standard menus.

Accessing the Options window features a rather limited number of adjustable parameters. However, accessing it can prove to be challenging, due to the overwhelming number of functions that are grouped under the various menus.

This program allows you to create or edit publications in numerous ways, ranging from adding text to choosing a fill pattern for your drawings. It is possible to adjust various parameters regarding text and image content alike.

Text customization includes changing font type, size, style, color, paragraph formatting, alignment and indentation. You can also access a spell checking tool, in case you want a virtual assistant to proof-read your content.

PUBLISH-iT provides you with a toolbar that you can rely on in order to add certain content to your project, including text and custom shapes. Although it provides you with an undo button, you cannot repeat a previously canceled action, as there is no redo button available.

Unfortunately, this application can only open PUI (software specific) file types, but, on the bright side, it allows you to save projects to TXT, HTML, BMP, WMF and EMF formats. In addition, it can help you create PDF content without any additional software, import text and images from numerous formats. More so, you can acquire new graphic material if you have a scanner.

To sum it up, PUBLISH-iT can help you create and edit your publications in multiple ways, however, it comes with an outdated interface and no redo function.