VPN Clients are a dime a dozen and as the number of these services grows it's becoming more confusing and difficult to select the right product for yourself. PureVPN is yet another service extending its reach to Chrome with its PureVPN extension. It's easy to use, does not require any other software running on your PC, and it even gives newcomers the opportunity to test the product. These are only some of the advantages you'll see right from the beginning.

While it's advertised as the no.1 Proxy, this doesn't necessarily mean it is exactly so. One must agree that the service offered is pretty good. The speeds are more than decent, and the fact that you can test it out before actually paying for it is a welcome feature and somewhat of a leap forward against some of the competition. You can use the extension by itself without needing additional software, which is also another positive aspect. The selection of offered VPN locations is big enough.

The fact that it can be activated only in the browser makes this extension quite useful in protecting your privacy while browsing. Why have the entire system's IP address hidden by the VPN when you could have only your browser use it. It can give instant access to any region-locked content and help you be totally free in the online environment. Browsing will be just as smooth on account of the application using quality servers that do not harm your connection speed in a noticeable way.

PureVPN for Chrome might not necessarily be a better choice from all the possible options you have. It performs as well as the others and does basically the same things. The few points that make it stand out have to deal with the trial it offers and its simplicity. The selection of locations is about what you'd expect. You won't really need much more than it offers.