If you deploy software using Active Directory Software Distribution, then you already know the limitations. Let's face it, not all vendors create installers based on Windows Installer packages (.MSI files). You need to deploy Setup.exe files, Vbscript, custom batch scripts and more!

Push Installer utilizes the flexibility of Group Policy Objects to deploy any Windows executable program. It runs the installation silently and in the background avoiding interruption to users. Results of each installation are recorded to a central log file for easy verification.

Push Installer runs during the computer boot process. It initiates sofware installations with Local Admin rights using the Local System account and the Active Directory Domain Computer account. It is ideal for environments where users do not have Local Administrative rights.

Push Installer will ensure computers run an installation only once by checking the existing versions before executing the installer.Only computers not at the current version will run the installer. After the installation, the version is checked again to make sure it has become current. The result is indicated as SUCCESS or FAIL in the central installation log file.

Push Installer is lightweight and inexpensive. It is not concerned with the number of computers you are deploying software to. With one license purchase, you can deploy software to as many computers as you want to. Furthermore it leverages the existing Active Directory infrastructure you already have and know how to use.

Push Installer records the Computer Name, the Last Logged on Username, the Date/Time and Result of each installation (Success or Fail). This information is written in Comma Delimited Format (.csv) for convenient viewing using Microsoft Excel.

Here are some key features of "Push Installer":

■ Computers run the install the next time they restart even if they have been out in the field for a while.

■ Computers only run the installer if they are not at the current version.

■ The version is checked again after the install to ensure success.

■ Push almost any executable.

■ Creates log files to easily determine which computers successfully ran the install.


■ Active Directory


■ 30-day trial