Pushbullet is a useful and efficient service that aims to make it effortless for you to transfer files between your desktop and mobile devices, to chat with your friends and family, as well as to receive mirrored notifications.

It comes in the form of a web app, two desktop clients for macOS and Windows and two mobile ones for iOS and Android. It's also available as browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

We will focus more on the Pushbullet for Chrome extension, but the differences between the other browser extensions are fairly minimal. Just like in the case of most Chrome add-ons, it can be deployed with a simple mouse click from the Chrome Web Store.

You can get started without much effort since it only requires you to log in using your official Facebook or Google account credentials. As you can image, if you want to try out most of the features, it's recommended that you also install it on any other devices, preferably a mobile one.

It should not take too long to get accustomed with the extension's simple and functional UI and all the functions on display. For example, you can now effortlessly send a broad range of files from pictures, documents, media files all the way up to bulky archives) to and from your other Pushbullet-enabled devices.

What's more, you can also chat with your loved ones using a plethora of chat services, without having to leave Pushbullet's compact UI. Additionally, you get a handy feature that's capable of mirroring your phone's notifications. Simply put, all your notifications, appropriately-named "pushes," from all your other devices will be received directly within Chrome.

Taking everything into account, Pushbullet for Chrome offers you all the functionality of the official desktop clients, but in a more condensed form. It allows you to use the Chrome browser as an efficient platform for quick file sharing between your all your mobile or desktop-based devices.