We live in a world in which we stay connected through various devices, and thanks to the information superhighway. Regardless of the device and platform you use, there are now multiple ways of sharing files and starting chat sessions, especially if you trust in applications like Pushbullet for Firefox.

Just as the name clearly points out, the first thing which needs to be done is to install Mozilla Firefox. It’s not limited to this browser, and you can find the application available for other browsers like Google Chrome, and Opera, but also for devices like Android, iPhone, iOS, or Windows desktops.

Setup takes very little of your time and effort, and the application is good to go without forcing you to restart the web browser. You easily identify it by the corresponding icon which appears next to the URL field. In order to be able to properly use the program, you need to log in with an existing Google or Facebook account.

There are several different ways to handle the application’s set of features. On the one hand, there’s the intuitive pop-up section accessed via the icon, which provides quick access to people, devices, and notifications. On the other hand, you can expand the view into a full tab for better view and management of functions and behavior.

Needless to say that it’s recommended to have an active Internet connection at all times. All your devices connected through the selected account can be added to be tracked, and they aren’t restricted to a single platform.

Other individuals using the same application can be added to a friends list so you can open up chat sessions, and even share files. Additionally, you can set up a list of individuals or pages to follow, so that you instantly receive notifications of interest.

Files can be uploaded so you later on access them with ease, even from other platforms or devices. By default, the application uses the HTTPS protocol as a main line of defence, but you can choose to activate end-to-end encryption for enhanced security.

Bottom line is that connectivity is key to keeping up with everything in the modern world. As such, Pushbullet for Firefox comes with a solution to help you gather and connect your devices together for intuitive and efficient chat, notifications, and file sharing capabilities.