Modern devices are nowadays more connected than ever. With a mobile phone fitted with the right program or set of applications you have control over just about anything wirelessly connected to it. For instance, Pushbullet for Opera is the type of utility which comes in handy for transferring files between computers and mobile phones, receiving mirrored notifications, and chatting with your buddies.

As the name clearly points out, this particular addon is only compatible with the Opera web browser. Bear in mind that the application is also found as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as well as counterparts for Windows and macOS desktops, and Android and iOS respectively.

It’s wise to make sure that your Internet connection is active at all times for the proper functioning of the application. A browser restart is not mandatory, and you can simply start by hitting the corresponding icon on the address bar. You first need to connect to an account, and this can either be done through existing Facebook or Google accounts.

Having the application installed on your computer alone might not really be of much help, so it’s a good idea to also deploy it on your mobile phone, just to easily and quickly establish a first connection to a device. You’re able to check out, renew, or remove devices from your preferred list at any given moment.

The devices you can add are both desktops and mobile, such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Multiple devices can be tracked at a time, and notifications are instantly delivered to all connected devices, given they share the same login credentials.

In terms of social interaction, the application comes with features to add individuals as friends, as well as to follow, just in case you wish to receive notifications regarding new posts. Invitations can be sent via email to your friends, or by manually looking them up.

Last but not least, the application makes it easy to share files with other individuals, or even between two of your devices. More importantly, all your actions can be further secured by enabling end-to-end encryption, which works besides the HTTPS protocol used as a default security tool.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Pushbullet for Opera is just the type of application you need if you’re constantly on the move, but want to save important files, share them, or even chat with various friends and acquaintances. Dedicated to Opera, it’s a suitable browsing companion which can save a lot of effort.