PWM Generator is a Windows application designed to generate Pulse Width Modulation signals, in order to create square waves. It permits you to save up to four memory presets and automatically start them, view the frequency, as well as select the preferred sound card.

The installation procedure doesn't take long. However, right before completing it, PWM Generator offers to download and install some additional tools which it doesn't actually need to work properly. All of them can be deselected to make a clean setup, though.

Wrapped up in a user-friendly interface represented by a classical-looking window with a neatly organized structure, the app lets you pick the output device and adjust the signal properties when it comes to the frequency, duty cycle and amplitude.

As previously mentioned, you can store up to four memory presets. It's possible to manually recall one preset at a time or ask the tool to automatically recall all of them.

PWM Generator enables you to change the sample rate and quantization (in bits), together with the buffer size and number of buffers. By default, the computer's screensaver is deactivated while the signal is running.

The signal can be turned on and off with one click. While it's active, you can check out the current frequency in a large frame. Furthermore, you can access Windows Volume Control without leaving PWM Generator's interface, reset the current settings to default, save the presets to file and open them later, as well as save the tone as a Wave audio track.

We haven't come across any difficulties in our testing, thanks to the fact that the utility didn't freeze, crash or prompt error messages. It had minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and memory.

To sum it up, PWM Generator provides you with practical and intuitive options to generate Pulse Width Modulation signals, and it can be handled with ease by anyone.