QA Disk Repair undeletes deleted files or recovers lost documents from healthy and damaged drives and partitions. Easy operation is ensured by the step-by-step wizard, while the quality of recovery is provided by the advanced recovery methods and innovative algorithms such as Power Search, Live Preview and Automatic Recovery.

You'll immediately feel familiar when you launch QA Disk Repair. The data recovery tool will greet you with Easy Recovery Wizard that provides step-by-step guidance on the recovery process. All you'll need to do will be choosing the drive to repair or recover files from. QA Disk Repair will do the rest completely automatically thanks to its Automatic Recovery feature.

After the scan is complete, you'll see a list of recoverable files. Each file can be previewed before recovery and without writing anything onto the damaged disk or elsewhere. The comprehensive Live View feature makes it possible to preview deleted and damaged files without saving them onto the disk first, thus greatly reducing the risk of overwriting important data or causing additional corruption.

QA Disk Repair will only attempt to repair the system structures on the damaged disk after it safely backs up all your important files onto a healthy media such as a different hard disk, flash memory card, recordable CD or DVD, or a remote network or FTP location.

Power Search locates and recovers over 150 types of supported documents from corrupted partitions and damaged hard disks even if they are inaccessible by Windows or even do not appear as a drive letter. Power Search can find digital pictures, documents, multimedia files and compressed archives even if the disk is half-dead without any file system and partition table.

Power Search works by scanning your disk sector by sector in order to locate the missing files. In case that the disk is severely damaged or if the file system is corrupted, Power Search will still find and recover over 150 types of files.

Here are some key features of "QA Disk Repair":

QA Disk Repair works as simple as possible. A step-by-step wizard only asks a few easy questions, and does the rest automatically. Selecting a disk and then choosing which files to recover is all you need to do!

QA Disk Repair is fully compatible with all revisions of FAT and NTFS, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4, and the latest NTFS5.

Unlike competing data recovery tools, QA Disk Repair does not solely rely on the file system in order to locate missing files and folders. Instead, is scans the disk sector by sector in an attempt to detect and recover documents, images and archives in over 150 supported formats.

QA Disk Repair can recover files that were compressed, encrypted or access-protected.

QA Disk Repair can recover accidentally formatted and repartitioned disks, restoring all files as well as the original directory structure.


■ Will only preview the recoverable files