The QA File Fix application was designed to recover deleted files in a few easy steps. Just pick the hard drive to recover files from, and let QA File Fix scan the drive to locate the deleted files. After it finishes scanning, you'll be able to list, select and preview files to recover. It works just as easy as it sounds!

Being able to locate and recover a much greater number of files than competition, QA File Fix is truly different. QA File Fix is designed to prioritize types of data that you are likely to value most.

It is able to locate and recover Office documents such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, compressed archives such as ZIP and RAR, digital images in various format, and other documents, over 150 file formats.

PowerSearch, the unique recovery technology, can reliably detect and recover supported files even if the file system is destroyed, or information about the files is overwritten. PowerSearch works by scanning and analyzing the disk surface instead of relying on the file system to locate files and folders.


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