QStart is an application created as an accessible solution for teleprompting. With it you are able to load scripts or entire text documents and have the app display the content in a scrolling manner.

QStart doesn’t seem to excel when it comes to looks as its graphic user interface is rather simple and a bit rough around the edges. On the plus side, it’s well structured and offers you quick access to all its features from the main window.

The text editor is set in the middle and you have customization buttons and other functions placed around it. With a simple click you are able to change the font style, color and alignment, as well as find and replace words.

QStart provides a very fast method of adding and editing the text that is to be read. Apart from typing it, you can load scripts and even entire documents as the app is capable of distinguishing between plain text, rich format or Unicode.

The application offers support for secondary monitors which can be easily configured. QStart also allows you to choose the position of the prompt monitor, as well as its size. An advantage to these fast settings is that they can be set with just a click, meaning that QStart is an application that is quick on its feet when it comes to sudden changes.

It also supports dual monitors and the script can be reversed in order for the operator or anyone else to check if everything is going accordingly.

With the above to consider and the fact that it is also compatible with various wireless controllers, it’s safe to say that QStart is a very practical tool for those in need of a teleprompting software.