QuarkConverter translates Microsoft Word documents into XPressTag files that can be imported into QuarkXPress almost automatically.

QuarkConverter cuts your typesetting time and costs in half, especially if it is used with FileCleaner and NoteStripper programs.

If you're planning to use QuarkConverter with documents that contain Word's automatically numbered footnotes or endnotes, you should first use NoteStripper to strip the notes out as text. Otherwise, QuarkConverter won't convert your notes correctly for QuarkXPress.

If you're also going to use FileCleaner to clean up common typographical problems, you should run the programs in this order:

1. FileCleaner.

2. NoteStripper.

3. QuarkConverter.

If you're using QuarkConverter, you can automatically run these three programs in their proper order by clicking the QuarkConverter menu and then clicking "Finish Edited Documents."


■ Microsoft Word version 97 or later


■ 45 days or 1,000 uses trial.