Most often found as part of WordPerfect Office suite developed by Corel, Quattro Pro is an application that helps you manage spreadsheets.

With a name that actually gives away its true calling, Quattro Pro Password is an efficient little application that makes it as simple as possible for you to recover the passkeys for workbooks created with the previously mentioned Corel utility.

To begin with, you should know that the program enables you to recover passcodes from workbooks created with all versions of Quattro Pro, including the later, WordPerfect Office X7. This means, of course, that you can retrieve lost or forgotten passkeys from workbooks with QPW and WB formats, regardless of their complexity, language and length.

The application is not designed to win any awards in terms of looks, that is quite clear, but it does make the job of retrieving passwords quite easy, nonetheless.

In fact, the app's workflow is so lean that the whole process of reclaiming your passkeys is actually reduced to a simple loading of your Office Pro file from the Windows Explorer into the app's main and only window.

Once the file is loaded, Quattro Pro Password automatically takes over and recovers the password. The whole process is fast and the recovered password is presented to you within a pop-up window. Worth-mentioning is the fact that you can quickly copy the newly recovered passkey directly to your computer's clipboard with a simple mouse click on the button on the right side.

All in all, if you are the type of user who often works with Corel WordPerfect Office and, naturally, with a few or multiple passkey-protected workbooks, then Quattro Pro Password should definitely find its place on your computer.