Databases are widely employed in a variety of settings, mainly due to their increased stability and protection against unauthorized access. Being complex containers, various auxiliary tools have been developed to help users obtain the most benefits from their storage items and Query Tool (using ADO) is just one such application. With it, one can query most types of items, create SQL scripts, as well as extract information to Excel-friendly formats.

Specifically, the program is compatible with OLE DB providers – including native SQL clients, as well as with most ODBC sources; password-protected items are supported, as long as valid credentials are inserted. Because the utility is based on UDA protocols, one can access both relational and nonrelational databases.

Once a source item has been successfully accessed, users can view the entire dataset, including tables, temporary data, and procedures or functions. An ample view-frame lists all the information found and integration with basic clipboard functions allows one to swiftly transfer data to other programs.

Other methods of migrating data include output Excel, XML or HTML formats and one can also retrieve OLE DB provider properties. More advanced users will also appreciate the ability to create new SQL scripts and queries that are tailor-made to their specific issues; executing multiple scripts is supported and one can return query results to a free-form text window.

All operations are performed in an intuitive environment and the application caters well both to the needs of basic and advanced users. Several adjustable windows ensure users will not miss out on any important information and a 'find and replace' function allows one to quickly track down certain text strings.

To conclude, Query Tool (using ADO) is a lightweight and practical tool for anyone who regularly works with databases of various forms. It is compatible with most storage items, even those protected by passwords and extracting data is performed in a highly intuitive manner.