If you really have to send a document urgently but haven't covered the sensitive information in it, Quick Blackout Redactor is the app you're looking for. It's a simple program designed to help you erase private information inside a PDF or image document. It does this job in a fast and easy manner, without forcing you to spend countless hours in front of the monitor, looking for the areas you want to cover inside the document.

While the application is plenty useful, it's UI is almost nonexistent. The app itself is made up of a window that allows you to drag and drop your files in it. It lets you load the files and separates each picture in a drop-down menu. From here you're free to choose which page you want to cover info on and then send it to its final destination safe and secure.

The application's important feature lies exactly in what it promises to do: hide your details from images and PDF files. When crossing out words in similar applications, the smudges can be undone, thus exposing your sensitive information.

With Quick Blackout Redactor, this does not happen, as the lines drawn over text are baked in the PDF file, altering it for good, no matter what undo processes are later used on the document. It's simple if you look at it from a superficial perspective, yet it does a very intuitive and complicated job that similar products are not capable of doing.

To sum up, Quick Blackout Redactor is a perfect app to use if you want to securely hide details from a PDF or image file. The concept behind it is simple and effective. It really is an app worth considering if you are trying to keep security and privacy at an all-time high.