A powerful software component takes a lot of time and effort to develop and is most of the times distributed with a price tag. For security reasons, most of them require a unique text string before they can be used. For developers, Quick Key Generator comes as a handy application with which you can easily generate an abundance of custom serial numbers for you to use.

All features are stored in a rather compact window, with sections cleverly delimited by categories, each with dedicated sets of drop-down menus, numeric fields or check boxes. Accommodation is not an issue thanks to the simple design, but there's always the help manual you can turn to for better understanding.

The application gives you the possibility to create thorough keys by combining various character types and options. As such, you'll get ahold of up to 5,000,000 keys in a matter of seconds. If you consider not all keys are used, you can manually input the amount of keys to be generated, with an option to allow duplicate ones.

You can combine numeric and alphabetic keys, in upper or lower case. These options are up to you to combine, but the more diversity in your code, the harder it is to decipher or figure out. Sadly, there's no option to choose symbols, but the amount and variety of keys you can get ahold of suffices in most circumstances.

To further enhance security, the application gives you the possibility to specify whether or not to create delimiters after a custom number of characters, with the separator being a hyphen ( - ), tab ( ), comma ( , ) or slash ( / no, not the musician ).

Hitting the “Generate” button processes your set of options and displays the result in the same window, or in a larger one if you choose to detach the key screen. What's more, you can have all keys automatically copied to your clipboard.

Export options are not abundant, but nor do they need to be. You can save keys to a TXT file. However, a neat feature lets you keep them safe through encryption with a password of your choice, which you can later on run in the application to view or edit keys.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Quick Key Generator is a handy application with which you can create an abundance of security keys for your software products in the blink of an eye. Customization options let you thoroughly specify character setup, length and delimiters, with export options cleverly finishing the delivery of a proper result.