After intense or long term use, the computer can get clogged and start to function below optimum capacity. Manually taking care of your computer can be a painful task, but there are tons of specialized applications like Quick Optimizer that want to help you clean various areas of your computer.

Right after the installation is complete, you can go ahead and run the application to see how you can benefit from its features, and what areas it can clean. The visual design may leave more to be desired, but its simplicity lets anyone quickly accommodate.

There are three major areas the application can look into, namely Windows related settings, files and folders, as well as Internet and browsing configurations. Each area is fitted with several options that only require a simple selection to be placed on the list. There are also functions to quickly select or deselect all items.

As such, Quick Optimizer aims to empty the recycle bin, remove recent documents, empty the clipboard, delete junk and dump files, and clean out all browsing history, favorites, cookies, and cache. It can take some time for the process to finish, but the result is worthwhile.

In order to further reduce your effort, the application comes with a built-in function that enables you to schedule periodical cleaning sessions, either at specific times, or whenever you log into Windows. Moreover, you can choose how files are removed, with the possibility to have them wiped so they can’t be brought back with other dedicated programs.

The settings panel is where you get to spend most of the time, in case you want to fully tweak the application’s functionality. However, this is mostly a one-time thing, and it comes in handy for specifying different filters like size and date related settings, and creating exceptions list based on various parameters.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Quick Optimizer lives up to expectations and can easily scan your computer on the selected areas, and clean them in the blink of an eye. Customization options give you the possibility to configure general behavior, while the built-in scheduler considerably reduces your effort.