QuickBooks Forensics is a powerful application designed to help you perform a wide range of operations with QBW, QBA and QBB files created with the popular QuickBooks accounting software.

It enables you to analyze and review the contained data, recover information and export it to various formats, as well as restore lost passwords and replace them.

If you are looking for a powerful application that can help you manage your financial data, QuickBooks Forensics is a wise choice. It provides full access to all the contained records without requiring any additional software or external database engines.

Once you have imported a QBW, QBA or QBB file, the application opens a new window that allows you to inspect the stored information and perform various actions.

You can view all the saved database tables, QuickBooks accounts, system info, history and apps, and all of this information can be exported to XML or CSV files.

QuickBooks Forensics can help you gain access to protected company files, as it is possible to replace password verification values instantly.

Additionally, the application enables you to retrieve lost passwords, as it provides you with several password recovery tools. It is capable of performing dictionary or brute force attacks, as well as mixed attacks that combine these methods.

Naturally, the password recovery process can take a fair amount of time, depending on the encryption key’s complexity. However, you can also provide a known section of the password so speed things up.

While QuickBooks Forensics may seem rather complex at first, it is actually quite intuitive. It features a simple interface that has an intuitive layout, and the included documentation can also help novices get the hang of things.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Forensics is a reliable utility for users who frequently need to manage QuickBooks database files. It allows you to analyze the contained data and export it to various formats, as well as retrieve and replace passwords.