Quicksleep is a small application that enables you to configure a shortcut to putting your computer to sleep, locking it or turning off the monitor. The software offers several computer power off functions that can be assigned, alternatively to a specific key combination and triggered immediately.

Quicksleep is useful for several reasons. Its main function is to assign a specific system power off function to the + hotkeys combination. The functions are: lock the system, lock and suspend/hibernate the system, lock and switch off the monitor or lock and switch off the monitors and harddisks. The software is easily configurable for one or several monitor/harddisk setup.

The software comes in handy in several occasions, such as when you own a laptop and the sleep function cannot be activated by putting down the monitor. Similarly, for those who are not yet accustomed to the hibernation system on Windows 8, it is a quicker way to lock the computer. Moreover, it could be useful in cases when you need to leave your desk quickly, but sensitive information is displayed on your monitor.

Shutting down the system causes your work to be lost unless it is saved, while putting the computer to sleep preserves the state of the applications and windows. This might be an explanation why the software only locks/puts to sleep/sends your computer to hibernation.

The software offers one single key combination that cannot be changed, nor can others be added. However, + is difficult to be mistaken for a common hotkey association. Additionally, the software is small, lightweight, runs in the background at all times and displays a funny icon in the system tray.

Although it does not feature a shut computer down option, Quicksleep allows you to lock your system and/or send it to sleep/hibernation in less than a second. Additionally, the software assigns the desired system power off function to a specific key combination that you need to activate using both hands.