Taking quiz tests is a great way for users who want to test their knowledge in a specific area, especially when they are also provided with the possibility to learn new things even if they don't provide the right answer.

One of the applications that can help users take quiz tests on their computers is Quiz-Buddy, providing them with a large number of questions from a wide range of domains, including foreign languages and science.

The application comes with an intuitive, straightforward interface, delivering multiple-choice questions on its main window, and allowing users to select the right answer with a simple mouse click.

The tool plays a sound each time a new question is displayed on the screen, as well as when the user selects an answer. Provided that it is not the correct answer, the application allows users to try another one, until they get it right.

The tool shows the number of correct and wrong answers at the bottom of the main window, so that users can keep an eye on their progress at all times, even if they switch to questions from another domain.

The software allows users to verify their knowledge in various areas by simply changing the study module from the “File” menu. There, they will find a list with all of the available quizzes, but they are also provided with the option to create their own Q&A lists.

In addition to the multiple-choice quizzes, the tool also allows users to choose matching, true/false, and type-in modes. However, some of the questions might seem a bit too easy for advanced users.

The tool includes a series of customization options, allowing users to change the background with an image of their choice, while also offering access to various skins.

During our testing, we noticed that the utility can perform quite fast, though it includes a series of transition effects that could make some users believe that its is actually slow.

All in all, Quiz-Buddy is an easy-to-use, intuitive application designed to help people learn new things by means of quizzes. It includes questions from a wide range of areas, and can also be customized to quite users' needs.

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