Quran is an educational tool that enables you to read Qur'an books and listen to recitations in Arabic language or English translations. Numerous translations for the religious texts are available right within the software, so that you can easily view the Arabic lines and the desired translation below.

Quran is a user-friendly software that features the entire collection of religious texts, available for you to read and listen to. It also contains chapters from the Tafsir, and it enables you to view multiple verses in the display area, along with their translation and the trans-literal spelling. Thus you may easily learn Arabic pronunciation and words. The Tafsir represents a collection of works designed to interpret the religious texts.

The software offers a dual learning mode: listening and reading the trans-literal spelling. Both Quran and Tafsir are available in multiple languages, including Arabic, Arabic without Tashkeel, English, French, German, Spanish and as transliteration. The display includes the Qur'an and Tafsir verses translated in the languages of your choice.

You can switch to recitation mode, for the available chapters, and listen to the Arabic religious texts in the language of your choice. You can listen to the Arabic recitation, as well as the English, French or German translations. Moreover, you can watch the verse and translated phrase on the screen.

For the recitation mode, the software prompts the full screen mode, displaying one of the integrated images in the background as well as the text and the desired translation. You may easily modify the fonts in the display, for all the available alphabets: Arabic, Arabic without Tashkeel and Roman.

With Quran, you can easily educate yourself in Arabic language, pronunciation and religious culture, due to the comprehensive methods of learning. Thus, you can combine reading with translating and listening, while working with an easy to use, portable application. Quran offers you the entire Arabic religious book, as well as the Arabic Tafsir.