Qvikly is a simple to use and witty application designed to help you modify and share data with other users from the same local network. It can help you consolidate and integrate data and allows your entire team or company access and manage information.

You can easily import data, columns, rules or formulas from spreadsheets, CSV, HTML or XML files and integrate it with the help of the content editing tools that Qvikly offers. You may convert columns or rows, remove empty fields, trim spaces or change all text to uppercase or lowercase.

You can convert text or XML content to columns, import rules, match rows using filters or merge fields in order to create new structures. Next, you can select which fields you wish to parse and set the criteria of data integration. You may split lines on tabs or commas, set fixed sizes or maintain the original outlook.

The software works as a spreadsheet designer since it enables you to create new data files, edit, fix or analyze them and share them with the rest of your team. You or other users in your company can easily access the files, modify them or save the data in a local folder, as an Excel spreadsheet or XML file.

Group sharing is made easy with Qvikly, since it enables you to set specific rules about who may view the data and which users also have authorization to modify it. It is a useful instrument for facilitating team work within specified groups. Moreover, data editing privileges may be extended to multiple groups.

All the saved documents can be accessed from a local database and shortcuts are displayed in the menu on the left side of the main window. You may view detailed reports, tables or the recently uploaded files.

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Qvikly aims to simplify and automate data integration, in order to enable you to work with fresh information. Thus you can easily edit and integrate data, while using a comfortable, user-friendly interface, instead of scripts. Data sharing is also facilitated, so that your team can work better and faster with a single, reliable application.