Most PC users believe that the screensavers are purely designed for entertainment purposes, to make the desktop look pretty. However, their goal is beyond that. For example, they can help fix dead pixels on the monitor by cycling through multiple colors.

Radial Screen Saver's aim is a bit unusual but still practical. It generates radial circle patterns in an almost hypnotizing fashion, helping PC users get a short break from work, get prepared before an important meeting or project, or relax before going to bed.

We would also like to say that it can be used an an alternative to the classical Winamp visualizer, to beautify the desktop while listening to music. But this is not the case because Radial Screen Saver has few color choices and just a single pattern.

By default, two circles are being used for creating the radial pattern. But you can opt for a single circle as well as change the colors for the background and each pattern. The speed can be controlled too (the minimum speed is set by default).

Unfortunately, it's not possible to pick any color from the spectrum since there are few options available in this case, and there is no way to change how the radial pattern is generated. Also, the pattern doesn't have a high quality, so improvements are welcomed as far as graphical polishing is concerned.