Radium Compressor is a simple to use VST plugin that displays a comprehensive interface and enables users to easily compress the audio signal of their tracks.

It goes without saying that since this software solution is a VST plugin, it will require a VST-compatible host application to be installed on the target computer in order to function as intended.

Its interface is a user-friendly one that aims to make users spend less time listening to their projects and finetuning them by helping them hit the sweet spot in no time.

The input sound can be bypassed easily by ticking the "Bypass" checkbox in the corner of the main screen.

Among the parameters that can be adjusted using this VST plugin users can find the "Threshold," "Ratio," "Makeup Gain," "Attack" and "Release."

Adjusting the parameters is an easy task thanks to its GUI (Graphical User Interface), as interacting with its controls doesn't require users to type in the desired parameters manually.

Radium Compressor can also be used as an expander, as it can increase the dynamic range of the audio signal. An example of an expander is a noise gate.