With such a massive amount of information at the tips of our fingers, it's no wonder that we're all suffering from a form of web-hoarding. A solution for this is offered by various digital bookmarking services out there, with Pocket, Evernote, and Raindrop.io being some of the best examples.

Over the years, Raindrop.io seems to have found a good spot in the market by offering a product that is relatively different from the aforementioned ones, not as complicated as the annotation-focusedĀ  Evernote, but perhaps a bit more versatile than Pocket which thrives in simplicity.

It comes in many forms, with app clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux, for iOS and Android, as well as for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, and it basically allows you to store your bookmarks to the cloud alongside other types of web content.

We'll be focusing a more on the Raindrop.io for Opera extension. The first thing you need to know is that it syncs all your content across all your devices. This means that you are required to log in using your official Raindrop.io to get it up and running or easily create an account by connecting through services like Facebook or Google.

Before anything, you might be interested in knowing that it's also perfectly capable of importing bookmarks directly from other similar services such as Pocket, or Readability, Instapaper, Delicious, and Diigo.

Other than that, getting to grips with Raindrop.io for Opera should be a very smooth process. Once you find a webpage you want to be bookmarked, click the extension's icon and that's that. There's an alternative way of doing just that, thanks to its neat integration with Opera contextual menu, therefore, right-clicking any webpage and select the "Save page to Raindrop.io" option will yield the same result.

Of course, you can create thematic collections, neatly organize them thanks to auto-suggested tags, and even instantly share them with friends or coworkers if need be. Last but not least, to supercharge your experience with the service, opt for the Pro plan and you get support for nested collections, as well as for Dropbox backup.

To end with, Raindrop.io for Opera is a useful extension that only restates everything that Raindrop.io stands for: convenience, flexibility, and perfect synchronization across all your devices when it comes to bookmarks or other types of web content.