While there are numerous ways to transmit an attitude, a feeling or a mood through a photo, few things are as powerful as a rain effect.

Rainy Daze enables you to add character to your photos and send out a powerful message by applying a rainfall filter over your images.

The application comes with a sleek interface featuring the photo manipulation window in the center section. You can easily preview your picture and any changes you make to it from the main window.

In the upper section, you can find the default crop and zoom options along with a few brushes that enable you to delete, add and reset a certain effect you selected. You can also increase or decrease the size of the selected brush as needed.

Upon selecting a picture to process, you can browse through the numerous presets included in the main 3 styles category.

Irrespective of whether you are looking to add a soft romantic glow, a light rain shower or a vintage tone and texture, you are likely to find a suitable style to choose from from the lower panel.

In case the preset is not enough for the message you want to convey, then you can use the additional editing options from the left panel. More exactly, you can increase the rainfall's thickness and strength, make it appear like it is fading or darken the scene, to name a few options.

Despite the numerous options, Rainy Daze is intuitive and you can get around the application easily even as a first-time user. To get started, you can load a photo and start enhancing it.

The program only allows you to work with images in TIFF, PNG or JPEG formats. In addition, all the styles, effects and editing options are designed to alter the rain effect only.

In case you firmly believe that pictures are a work of art whose role is to stir up a vast array of emotions in the viewers, then Rainy Daze is a utility you can find very useful.