Random FLAC Player Software is an easy to use program, designed to render exclusively FLAC audio files. This particular file format is not regularly associated with most audio players, which is why the program comes in handy for users who wish to play FLAC files, in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Random FLAC Player Software is a simple application which allows you to play this specific file type, as well as create playlists. FLAC is the only supported format, the program being especially created for rendering it. However, you can add multiple files to the list, then listen to them in a continuous playback.

Random FLAC Player Software allows you to control the process, by starting the player, stopping, pausing or resuming it. Designated buttons in the program’s interface make this task as easy as a mouse click.

Adding files to the playlist can be performed by dragging and dropping them into the dedicated area, or by manually loading them from a folder. Alternatively, you can use the Add All FLAC File(s) In Folder function, in order to quickly import the desired files.

Random FLAC Player Software can render the files in the order in which they are displayed or completely random. It allows you to quickly switch to the previous or to the next file, as well as adjust the volume.

The application can come in handy when you wish to play any .FLAC file and it is particularly useful when you need to render multiple such files.

Random FLAC Player Software is reliable, simple to use and can play the supported files at their original quality level. While the application does not support other types of files, it can come in handy for situations when you need to render multiple FLAC files. It allows you to create a playlist and randomize their order.