Random MP3 Player Software is a reliable tool that is capable of rendering MP3 files in random order. The software can render an entire playlist, consisting of files that you can load from multiple local folders. All you need to do is load the songs, then let the software play them in random or non-random order.

Random MP3 Player Software is a very simple music player that is capable of rendering your playlist in a fortuitous way. While the software does not offer any other playback options, it is reliable and supports loading several music files from local folders. The software cannot play or load any other file format than MP3.

The application is lightweight and simple to use, offering you the possibility of choosing whether or not to randomize the files’ order in the list. You may add as many songs as you wish, but you cannot create more than one playlist at a time. If you wish to refresh the files in the list, you either need to remove them one by one or to clear all the files and add new ones.

One of the main characteristics of Random MP3 Player Software is its simplicity: you can load the files, press play, then you can even forget about it. However, it could use some basic functions that are appropriate to any piece of software of the kind. For instance, Next / Previous buttons or volume control.

Moreover, you cannot load an already created playlist, but you need to add each file individually. The shortest way is to place all the desired files in one directory and load it into the application.

Random MP3 Player Software is dedicated to playing a certain type of music file and does not support any other formats. It allows you to control the playback with the Play / Pause / Stop buttons, but does not feature a progress bar, so you may skip ahead with the playback. It does not support moving to the next/previous file, nor does it feature keyboard shortcuts.