Rapid Backup application was designed to be an efficient, easy-to-use personal file backup tool that will allow you to safeguard your data.

Rapid Backup supports replication of one or more local files and directories to a destination, such as another hard drive, Zip disk, or floppy disk. In the future, it will also support targets like tapes or remote FTP sites.

This version of Rapid Backup is designed to give a preview of its development. Many features haven't been completed yet, but enough of the basics are done to make it a useful tool.

Rapid Backup consists of two main components: the service and the user interface. The service is a small program that runs all the time. It handles all management of backups. The user interface runs only while you are configuring the serivce. The user interface can be closed while the service continues running backups, saving memory.

A job is the basic unit that Rapid Backup uses to organize your data. A job includes one or more source files or directories, and the target location. For example, you might have a job with the source directory C:My Documents and the target location D:Backup Data.