Rapid Network Configurator - Now you can surf over the several network with your notebook easely switching beetween all of them.

Rapid Network Configurator is a software that allows you to navigate and switch beetween networks.

The program will help you to:

■ Work in 2 or more local networks practically simultaneously, quickly being switched between them by the program

■ Keep network settings in the profiles that will allow restoring the kept settings by click of the button in the future.

■ Change settings of network connections "on the fly" (without reboot)

■ Each kept profile has own tray icon, it means that it is not necessary to activate the program only to receive the representation, what settings are applied now.

■ Get know what IP now your network adapter has instantly (move mouse cursor over the tray icon).

■ Look through the information on active connections (IP, DNS, Gateway, WINS).

■ Copy the information of yours IP address, that allows sending it by e-mail or other messaging service in the further.


■ nag screen