Electronic commercial transactions over the Internet are not something of a novelty, with more and more people buying and selling goods using their computers and smartphones.

RapidShop is a streamlined addin that makes it possible for you to edit and manage your online store, by customizing the shopping carts.

There is no actual installation process required to start taking advantage of RapidShop, as you merely need to double-click its main program's icon to begin working with it. Provided Microsoft Office is installed on your system, RapidShop is swiftly integrated with Excel.

Subsequently, RapidShop feels and looks right within even the latest Excel versions out there. Therefore, working with the addin is not all that different when compared to actually using Excel for any other task.

You can now start customizing your shopping cart by adding products, prices, descriptions and other settings. Considering that it uses an Excel-based interface, the addin can also display the product listing throughout multiple pages, unlike some e-commerce solutions out there.

The main advantage of RapidShop is that it does not require vast amounts of hosting solutions, databases or server-side scripts and does not charge you for most actions. In fact, the addin works with any low-end PHP hosting solution.

Also noteworthy is the fact that RapidShop comes with Google Checkout, PayPal, E-Gold and Webmoney integrated shopping carts. Furthermore, the addin makes it as easy as possible for you to build webshops in any language, as well as ask for sale notifications to be delivered directly from the shopping cart to your mailbox.

Taking all things into consideration, RapidShop is a user-friendly, lightweight and efficient software solution for managing your e-commerce shopping cart.

While some may consider its integration with Excel a bit counter-productive, the addin perfectly integrates and teams up with the Microsoft-vetted utility and provides you with a non-intimidating environment for selling and buying products online.