With the help of visual support, learning is not only more fun but also more effective. With the given advancement in technology, study materials can easily be created regardless of topic. Amongst various other of its type, Raptivity gives you the possibility to create an astonishing visual learning experience you can use for different projects.

You mostly get to work with templates specially created for various domains. These range from simple presentations and to advanced games or even tests. You are able to browse through all of them and even sort by category in case you are not sure what best suits a project.

Additionally, you can manage collections where you get to create custom templates based on the existing ones, but the process is time-consuming and the presets are more than enough to get you up and running.

The provided workspace is split into two sections. One represents a more technical approach on the situation, where everything from text to image and color is set. Modifiable items are cleverly arranged in a tree list so they can be easily accessed.

The other section gives you the possibility to take care of the overall visual aspect, giving you free hand in arranging and resizing elements. Moreover, you can preview work either in a Flash player or for HTML5, depending on the type of presentation you are currently working on.

When you consider the product is ready for the end user, export options let you create a compatible project for Flash player or HTML5.

All in all, Raptivity is a powerful application that gives you the possibility to create fun interactive lessons regardless of topic. The user interface is friendly enough to let you quickly adapt and start working. However, prepare your machine because it gets a bit resource hungry.